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How to know if you fit with crowdtesting?

Сrowdtesting is not for everyone. Many may get disappointed by the concept. So before you invest your most precious and non-renewable resource (your time ) into crowdtesting, it won’t hurt if you read this article. I’ve written it specifically for those in doubt.



Crowdtesting freelance burden

Before you head for the freelance crowdtesting you really need to ask yourself a few questions. What are your values and priorities? What are you willing to compromise or sacrifice? 

Here are some key factors to take into account. You are likely to be disappointed with the crowd if:

✔ You seek stability

Freelance at crowd testing platforms gives you literally 0 stability. It’s like playing the lottery. Sometimes you win (raise critical defects, they get accepted, you cash out), sometimes you lose (bug get rejected you receive nothing). You also can’t predict the amount and the quality of the projects and the income you may receive each month. Hence, if you count only on earning from crowd testing you may feel financially insecure.

✔ You are “I need to plan it all” kind of person

“Planning is a key habit of all successful people” – one may say. “Don’t you try to convince me in the opposite”.

I get it, bro, relax. I don’t deny the importance of planning, just saying that when you commit to crowd testing, it gets tricky. Test invitations arrive out of the blue. You can’t predict when you have them or how many. You’ve got some plans for the Saturday night, but here is an appealing project for you to test. You think you will go to sleep, but another good project arrives. In such circumstances, even the most basic routine plans often don’t work. If you ever come up with a stress-free strategy on how to handle this, please, drop me a line.

✔ You like to take your time while working

With crowdtesting you gotta be fast and focused. Just bear in mind that most of the defects (at least all the obvious ones) will be discovered within the first hour. Did you just spend 15 minutes logging a defect? I really hope it’s a rare pearl and no one besides you found it. In most cases you don’t have the luxury of time, you are forced to be rushing with each decision.

✔ You need a manager to make you work

Crowdtesting freelance is nothing like a regular job. Here no one cares if you work. You don’t get paid when you don’t work. Does this sound like enough motivation for you?  Or you feel you need an angry boss who will chase you away from Youtube and keep you busy with the tasks? Think about it.

✔ You aren’t comfortable solving problems on your own

There is very little support in crowd testing platforms. I’ve taken part in hundreds of test cycles at different platforms, so I think, I have the right to voice my opinion on that. Occasionally fellow testers help you figure out something. Sometimes platforms team leads or support do. But the key term here is occasionally. In most cases, you have to figure out everything on your own. Often very dull things happen: unable to connect or set-up the proxy, your devices glitch, unexplained errors occur. Asking anyone to help you isn’t the option here. Let’s just say that “you’ll never walk alone” ? isn’t the crowd song.

Note this:

I am not discouraging anyone. All I am trying to say that if several of the points above matter to you, you will have a hard time with crowdtesting. Conversely, if you would like to challenge any of them, crowd is perfect for that.

In love with crowdtesting

Who are those crazy folks that stick with crowdtesting you may ask?

As from my observations, people that work full-time on crowdtesting platforms are the ones that:

✔ Value independence and freedom and try to reach it by any means

✔  Are stress resistant and flexible and able to quickly switch between different activities

✔ Want to escape 9/5 jobs and are willing to take risks for that


As for part-time gang objectives, usually they are:

✔  Eager to gain the experience (the easiest way to step into QA field)

✔ Interested in earning some extra ?

✔ Tech geeks curious about testing

So what do you think now? Do you fit with crowdtesting or not? Share your thoughts in comments and let’s talk further:)


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